NYS DOH Publishes DAL 14-04: Guidance for Transitional Adult Homes to Update Compliance Plans

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department has posted DAL 14-04 regarding Transitional Adult Homes previously submitted compliance plans.  The DAL requests all Transitional Adult Home providers to review the newly created guidance and to update their compliance plans as needed.  The date to resubmit revised compliance plans is March 21, 2014. This guidance documents supplements previous guidance published by the Department.

The four-page guidance document covers very specific areas including, but not limited to, lawful discharge of residents, reduction of census by attrition, approaches for reducing a facility’s mental health census, etc. The letter states that 23 Transitional Adult Homs fall under the definition of “NYC Impacted Homes” under the terms of the July 23, 2013 settlement agreement between the State of New York and the U.S. Department of Justice and highlights some of the terms of the agreement and what elements of those terms should be addressed in the compliance plans.

NYSCAL strongly encourages all Transitional Adult Home providers to read the DAL and the four-page guidance document in its entirety.  The DAL/guidance document may be found on the NYSCAL website under “What’s New” as one complete document, or may be viewed on the HCS.