Email Address for COVID-Related Inquiries

Amy Kennedy in NYSCAL Notes

Effective immediately, all ACF COVID-related inquiries should be sent to the following address:


Amy Kennedy
Executive Director, NYSCAL
518-462-4800 x17

NYS DOH Publishes ALP Awardee List for Transitional Adult Homes

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The award letters in response to the ALP 4500 Conversion Initiative have been emailed to each applicant. In addition, the awards are publicly posted on the Department’s Funding Page under the SOI for this initiative. Providers may also find the list on the NYSCAL website.

NYS Publishes Draft Statewide Transition Plan for CMS HCBS Rule Implementation for Public Comment

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

New York State announced the publication of the draft statewide transition plan for the implementation of the new CMS HCBS rule during a webinar on July 7. NYSCAL requests that all members review the draft plan and send their comments and feedback to Shelley Sabo,, no later than July 14.  NYSCAL will compile the feedback into one formal letter to submit to the State...

NYS DOH Publishes Two DALs

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department has issued two DALs. The first, DAL 14-15, is a warm weather advisory. The DAL outlines the expectations of the Department with respect to resident safety and level of comfort during the summer months.  The letter outlines heat-related conditions, signs, symptoms and management of those conditions as well as the steps to be taken by adult care facilities in warm weather. Readers may find this DAL on the NYSCAL website at

Today's ICS Training Webinar Cancelled

Shelley Sabo in Emergency Readiness, NYSCAL Notes

NYSDOH has postponed the webinar on “ICS Training for ACFs,” that was scheduled for today, June 25 at 1:30.  They had extremely few participants registered, so they will plan to meet internally and with the association partners to determine how to increase participation. We will be sure to alert you to the new date.

Department of Health Extends Deadline for Assisted Living Program 4500 Conversion Initiative for Transitional Adult Homes

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department has extended the deadline for applications until June 13th, 2014 at 5:00 pm.  To view the materials and related guidance, go to

DSRIP Update

Carl J. Pucci and Esq. Stephen B. Hanse in NYSCAL Notes

Register now for the Thursday, May 29th 10:30 am skilled nursing/assisted living DSRIP GoTo Meeting/Webinar being presented by Jason Helgerson. See inside for the registration link and other key DSRIP updates.

NYS DOH Publishes DAL 14-09: UAS-NY FAQ

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

NYSDOH has published DAL 14-09: UAS-NY FAQ. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide responses to questions received regarding the UAS-NY, as well as the use of the UAS-NY in the Assisted Living Program (ALP).

Criminal History Record Check Forms Posted on HCS

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The NYSDOH has posted three Criminal History Record Check forms on the HCS.

DAL 14-10: Revised ALP Medical Evaluation – Interim (DSS- 4568)

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The purpose of this letter is to inform providers that the Assisted Living Program (ALP) Medical Evaluation – Interim DSS- 4568 (Rev. 04/16) was revised.

DAL 14-12: Amended Regulations for Medical Evaluations

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

NYSDOH has published DAL 14-12: Amendment of Sections 487.4 and 488.4 of Title 18 NYCRR and Section 1001.7 of Title 10 NYCRR.

Reception for Senator Skelos on May 15

Shelley Sabo and Stephen Hanse in NYSCAL Notes, Legislative

Please find the attached Invitation to our joint association reception for Senator Skelos on May 15.

2013 ACF Annual Census and Rosters Due May 16th

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

This is to alert providers that the 2013 ACF Annual Census has been posted on the NYSDOH Health Commerce System (HCS) along with a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL 14-02) and three attachments.

DOH Posts Deadline Extensions for Transitional Adult Homes

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department of Health has extended two deadlines for Transitional Adult Home Providers. The deadline for application for the ALP-4500 Solicitation of Interest has been extended to May 30, 2014. The deadline to submit updated compliance plans is July 3, 2014.

Emergency Rule Published in NYS Register Regarding Justice Center

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

Today’s State Register includes an Emergency Rule for Adult Homes and Adult Care Facilities for Enriched Housing regarding The Justice Center.

New York State Department of Health Publishes TAH 4500 ALP Initiative FAQ and Sets Application Deadline

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department of Health has published the "Frequently Asked Questions" document for the Transitional Adult Homes.  The 16-page FAQ is divided into sections applicable to the 4500 ALP bed solicitation. It may be found on the Department's web page dedicated to the ALP solicitation,

As a result of the FAQ publication, the Department has set the application deadline for this solicitation as April 25, 2014.

ACF EPTA Pilot Program Webinar and Audio Conference

Shelley Sabo in Emergency Readiness, NYSCAL Notes

A webinar and audio conference will be held on Thursday, March 20 2014 at 1:00 pm for the ACF Emergency Preparedness Technical Assistance (ACF EPTA) pilot program.

NYS DOH Publishes DAL 14-04: Guidance for Transitional Adult Homes to Update Compliance Plans

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department has posted DAL 14-04 regarding Transitional Adult Homes previously submitted compliance plans.  The DAL requests all Transitional Adult Home providers to review the newly created guidance and to update their compliance plans as needed.  The date to resubmit revised compliance plans is March 21, 2014. This guidance documents supplements previous guidance published by the Department.

NYS DOH Publishes DAL HCBS 14-01: Home Health Services in Managed Care Plans

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department of Health published DAL HCBS 14-01 in response to numerous questions received by the Department related to licensed or certified home health agencies that provide home health services through agreements with Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans.  The DAL is intended to provide guidance and clarification to both managed care plans and home health providers.

Department of Health Posts DAL 14-03 EQUAL Program for SFY 2013-2014

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

The Department of Health is pleased to announce the availability of funding under the Enhancing the Quality of Adult Living (EQUAL) Program. Operators of Adult Homes and Enriched Housing Programs who provide services to individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Safety Net benefits (SN) are eligible for these payments.

CMS HCBS Waiver Rule Webinar Information is Posted

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

CMS has published the information for participating in the January 23, 2014 webinar on the final CMS rule on Medicaid waiver HCBS programs, including the new CMS definition of HCBS settings.  The webinar information is below.  Please note that the webinar will be repeated on January 30.  Both webinars are from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. 

Home, Community-Based Care Centers Required to Develop Person-Centered Care Plans Under New Rule

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Notes

States will have to come up with person-centered care plans before they’ll be allowed to use Medicaid dollars for home- or community-based services (HCBS), the Obama administration announced Friday.