NYS DOH Publishes New ACF Common Application

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Priority Alert

The New York State Department of Health has published the newly revised “ACF Common Application” for applicants seeing licensure to become an adult home, enriched housing, assisted living program, and/or an assisted living residence, with or without special needs or enhanced certification.

This newly-published document is a result of the Adult Care Facilities Licensure and Certification Streamlining Workgroup which began its work in June 2013. NYSCAL staff was pleased to be a part of the workgroup and a member of the multiple subcommittees.
The newly created common application will also be used when applicants seek to make changes to an existing adult care facility licensure.  Revisions include, but are not limited to, change of operator or renovation and/or expansion of an existing facility.  In addition, several forms were created to promote the expeditious and quality review by the Department of applications that meet certain criteria.  All forms may be used immediately.

NYSCAL encourages all members to read the DAL, review the PowerPoint presentation, and the common application and related forms in their entirety. All of the materials are posted to the NYSCAL website, www.nyscal.org, under “What’s New” and/or Regulatory/DALs.

The Department of Health will be providing regional training for providers and DOH regional offices in the coming weeks and months.  The tentative schedule of trainings is also posted on the NYSCAL website.  As seating is extremely limited, only one representative per facility will be allowed for each training. To register, please call Tashell Baker at the Department of Health, at 518-408-1624 to register for the training in your area. It is on a first come, first serve basis.