Congratulations to Five NYSCAL Members for Achievement of Quality Goals

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Priority Alert

NCAL's Quality Initiative Recognition Program is designed to recognize those NCAL members that demonstrate the attainment of one or more of the four Quality Initiative Goals.  For assisted living communities, the four goals are:

  • Safely reduce hospital readmissions by 15 percent
  • Maintain nursing staff turnover below 30 percent
  • Maintain customer satisfaction at 90 percent or above
  • Safely reduce the off-label use of antipsychotic by 15 percent

NYSCAL is pleased to announce that five NYSCAL members have achieved one or more of these goals.

Congratulations to Maple Pointe Assisted Living at Rockville Centre; Kingsway Manor Assisted Living; Ashton Place; Heathwood Assisted Living at Penfield; and ElderWood Assisted Living at Waverly for achieving one or more of these quality goals.