NYS DOH Publishes DAL 14-07: ALP Chairfast Bill

Shelley Sabo in NYSCAL Priority Alert

The Department recently posted DAL 14-07 regarding the Assisted Living Program (ALP) Chairfast Bill.

The purpose of the letter is to provide guidance to ALP operators regarding new legislation that was enacted on October 23, 2013, authorizing ALPs to admit or retain residents who are chairfast under certain circumstances.

In order for an ALP to admit or retain residents who are chairfast, the facility must:

  • Be equipped and staffed to meet the needs of the resident;
  • The resident’s physician must approve of the placement;
  • The resident must have a stable medical condition; and,
  • The resident must be able, with direction, to take action sufficient to assure self-preservation in an emergency.

A resident will be ineligible if the individual is:

  • In need of continual nursing or medical care;
  • Chronically bedfast; or,
  • Cognitively, physically, or medically impaired to such a degree that his or her safety would be endangered.

All ALP providers wishing to admit or retain chairfast residents must inform the Department of Health through Linda O’Connell at 518.408.1133.

NYSCAL encourages all of its members to read the DAL in its entirety.  It may be found on the NYSCAL website or the Health Commerce System.