ACFs - 2015 2nd QUARTER STATISTICAL REPORTS NOW DUE: Violations Forthcoming

Carla Erhartic in NYSCAL Priority Alert

Attached is a list of ACFs that are late with their reports that were due on July 31st. If the status of the report form shows “Saved”; it still needs to be submitted.  The other status is “Not Started” (self-explanatory).  NYS DOH has indicated that there are many Applications for licensure/certification on file for many of the non-submitters listed on the attached document.  They have stated that those applications cannot be processed with open violations (non-submittal of 2nd Quarter Report) and violations will be sent out this Friday for non-submitters.  Contact Carla Erhartic at NYSCAL with questions or if you need assistance at or 518-462-4800, Ext. 13.