Health Commerce System (HCS) Access for ACFs and SNFs

Carla Erhartic

We were just notified by NYS DOH that there is a new security change to be implemented for accessing the HCS. Providers are asked to be prepared for the upcoming changes.

This is an effort to provide you a “heads up” and to give you more time to prepare by providing a pre-announcement guidance document on the Forthcoming security changes.  The Official Announcement of the Security Change will be announced during the first week of November.  Attached are the instructions that should be followed in your preferred internet browser (or browsers) to ensure you maintain access to the Health Commerce System (HCS), which is required by NYS DOH.

Please share this information with your local IT representatives and/or other staff members as necessary to ensure continued access to the HCS.  Any questions, please contact Carla Erhartic at NYSCAL :