Assemblyman Gottfried Sponsors Assisted Living Nurse Bill at NYSCAL’s Request

Carla Erhartic

At the request of NYSCAL, Assemblyman Dick Gottfried, Chairman of the Assembly Health Committee, recently introduced legislation (A.10384), that would allow an adult home, enriched housing facility, assisted living residence or special needs assisted living residence operator to provide for nursing services in the facility either by arrangement with a provider of nursing services or by employment. The purpose of this legislation is to more easily provide incidental nursing services to residents of these facilities in order to avoid unnecessary transfers to hospitals and nursing homes.

A.10384 also provides that adult homes, enriched housing, assisted living residences and special needs certified programs who choose to take advantage of this opportunity, may not represent themselves as enhanced assisted living residences and will operate within the admission and retention standards of their licensure category.

NYSCAL requests that its members across New York State reach out to your Assemblyperson and request their support for A10384. NYSCAL is also working with Senator Hannon on this legislation as well.  NYSCAL will be sending specific templates for support letters to each facility to make it easier for you to connect with your Assemblyperson and support this bill. Click here to view the Bill.