DOH Posts Critical Asset Survey on HCS – Due October 14, 2016

Carla Erhartic

The New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (OHEP) has activated a Critical Asset Survey for adult care facilities (ACFs) statewide.

All adult care facilities are being asked to complete the ACF Baseline form at this time. The questions contained in this form pertain to the infrastructure and utilities at each facility. This data will be used during the current Hurricane Season for Planning and (potential) Response purposes.  At a later date, OHEP will supplement this Baseline form with additional forms as needed.

A PDF copy of the ACF Baseline form is attached.

Within each adult care facility, the following Communications Directory roles will have access to the survey:

Data Reporter
Director, Resident Services
Emergency Response Coordinator
Financial Data Reporter
Financial Submitter
HPN Coordinator
Plant Manager

Directions to access the survey are available on the HERDS Main Menu and additional information - including contact info for support - can be found within the Baseline form.

Facilities with questions regarding access to the Health Commerce System (HCS) should contact the Commerce Accounts Management Unit (CAMU) at (866) 529-1890.

The Critical Asset Survey should be completed and Submitted by COB on Friday October 14, 2016. Click here to see a copy

This is an Informational message from the New York State Department of Health. This Informational message can be viewed from the link below:

For questions: Please send an e-mail to, as notify01 is a non-monitored mailbox.