NYSCAL Pushes for SSI Increase

Shelley Wagar

NYSCAL delivered the following letter (http://www.nyscal.org/files/2017/03/SSI-Letter-3-9-17.pdf) to all 213 state legislators this morning, explaining the desperate need for an SSI increase. This follows our NYSHFA/NYSCAL Legislative Visit Day on Feb 28 where staff and members made more than 30 visits about SSI. The talking points for that day can be accessed here (http://www.nyscal.org/files/2017/03/NYSCAL-SSI-talking-points-2017-LVD.pdf).  NYSCAL was fortunate to have the opportunity to testify before the joint Senate/Assembly Health budget hearing on February 16. The testimony may be found here (http://www.nyscal.org/files/2017/02/2017-NYSCAL-Budget-Testimony-002.pdf).  NYSCAL encourages all of its members to reach out to your local representatives and convey the need for an SSI increase.