Help Achieve an SSI Increase Today!

Carla Erhartic

As you will see, we are closer than ever to achieving an SSI increase in the next budget cycle. Our lobbying efforts are working and our collaboration with the other adult care/assisted living associations has been successful.  Over the coming days legislators will likely have to make decisions to prioritize and make choices amongst well deserving programs in order to stay within their overall budget. This is where you come in; please connect with your legislators today!

The legislators are in their home districts for the rest of the week.  If you are able to meet with them in person to make your plea for an SSI increase, then please do so. Face-to-face meetings are always the best method of communicating the need for an SSI increase.

If you can’t meet personally, then call or email them as soon as possible.  Use the information provided in our Budget Update (see link above) and reinforce with them the need on a community level.  The Senate included our request of $20 per day increase and the Assembly suggested a $4 per day increase, phased-in.  Thank them for their support and strongly encourage them to keep fighting for the increase and what is right for the residents we serve.

Assembly:  Senate:        

We are close but we need all providers to keep up the good lobbying efforts for a bit longer.  Questions?  Contact Shelley Wagar at or Stephen Hanse.